Welcome to North American Flight Services Sales Department

At North American Flight Services we realize that aircraft ownership can be a life changing experience. The freedom of flight and the ability to travel from airport to airport for pleasure or business is why aviation exists. North American Flight Services sales department exists for you and is here to assist with all phases of purchasing an aircraft. Let us assist you in all the important decisions in aircraft ownership and acquisitions.

There are numerous benefits when you choose North American Flight Services as your source into the aviation market.

  • We will find a new or used aircraft for you according to your specifications, mission profile, and price range.
  • We offer pre-purchase inspections through our Certified Maintenance Department on used aircraft so that you completely understand the full capabilities and limitation of your purchase.
  • We will appraise your aircraft using current market trends to determine true value, especially when you are selling or trading your aircraft.
  • We will sell your aircraft at a low & fair commission rate.